We present to you the new website of Lab Partners Clinical Laboratories. Just as their tagline goes, they are going Beyond Diagnostics. View the website on labpartners.co.zw

Websites have evolved other the years. From being a source of static information for consumption by browsers, a website is now what I would call an active employee of an organisation. Generally, corporate websites have three functions:

  1. They communicate to clients – not only as a static brochure does, but they provide an interactive presentation of this information. They can now use various algorithms, AI, and chatbots to present information that is relevant to the potential client.
  2. They collect useful information – and this goes beyond just the contact form, but statistics collected from user behavior can help you understand your market and what products and services they are interested in.
  3. Finally, they allow clients to transact – why wait for a client to get to your office or go to their bank to perform a transaction? Right there at the moment when a client has made a decision, allow them to click a button and do that transaction.

I understand that businesses are in it to serve the community at a profit. Websites have made this very possible.

Are you thinking of launching a website for your new idea or brand? Do you have a website that is outdated and not only needs that face-lift or addition of new features that take it to the next level?

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